Dates, tasty and nutritious

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A dry fruit which is more nutritious and energy level is the date. Besides being a fruit that we can access all year (though many aparquen for Christmas), if we practice sport or we wear a lot of energy, we should include in our diet.

Dates are rich in sugars and minerals, a good source of soluble fiber that helps fight constipation and has phytonutrients with antioxidant effects. 100 grams of dates we provide about 270 calories, of which 75% are carbohydrates, simple sugars that we provide quick energy intake. His fat, which are only 0.5 grams per 100, are heart-healthy omega-3, omega-6 and oleic acid.

Its nutritional value is enhanced by drying and besides being a physical tonic, is considered an ally to the intellectual efforts. Consumption benefits extend to some health problems, such as loss of appetite, stomach disease and even cooked with milk, respiratory smooth. Do not forget that the content of magnesium, tryptophan and vitamin B5 help sleep.

By possessing sugars, dates are contraindicated in case of diabetes, obesity or gastric disorders like heartburn, also sensitive people suffer migraine because it contains tyramine, a vasodilator substance.

It is always best to acquire natural dates, no added sugars, which have a uniform color and a striking appearance. In their conservation should be taken that no more dehydrated, so you should protect air and sun, stored in an airtight tin in a cool, dry, and can last for months, but much better and will consume battery charge us.


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