Tap Palm Trees for Decorative and Landscaping Purposes

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Palm trees are known for their top benefits to people, from the fruits that it can produce (dates and coconuts) to the lumber and cordage that can be made from the bodies. These are the reasons why palm trees like the coconut trees are considered as the ‘tree of life’ due to the number of benefits that people can get from its many parts. But did you know that there are other top benefits that can be sourced from carefully selected palm trees? Another benefit of the use of palm trees is in the realm of landscaping and design- homeowners and artists are now using different kinds of palms for landscaping purposes. There’s something about carefully selected palms that can bring a sense of style to a property. Parties and events are made extra lively through the use of these palms and when these are carefully planted in appropriate areas.

There are different kinds of palms that are used for landscaping purposes. These palms that are used for decorative purposes come in different sizes and height. Most of the palms that are grown in some properties can develop to 20 feet, and some of the bigger ones can grow to as tall as 80 feet. There are mini palms that can be used for smaller homes and can be partnered with larger-sized palms for maximum effect.

Suggested uses for smaller palm trees

Smaller palm trees that will not grow beyond 20 feet are usually seen in many residential properties. There are many ways on how to use these kinds of palms. Here are some top suggestions for your smaller-sized palms if you want to include these in your landscaping plans.

  • You can use palm trees for your yards as accents or in front of the house;
  • Palms can be used as well to provide shade on certain parts of the house. If your living room gets too much light from the sun, palm trees can be planted in front of the area of the living room;
  • Palms can also be used to create privacy on property line, or these can be used as the perimeter around your property or pool;
  • These can be used as backdrops as well for certain styles and architectural elements inside the property. These trees can complement a fountain or can serve as the focal point of a circular drive. It is now common to see different sizes of palms used as focal points for the circular drive.


Palm trees are also used outdoors and by the local governments to come up with public landscaping and beautification projects. In the state of California, it is no longer surprising to see some roads that are lined up with carefully selected and maintained palm trees. Highways too are treated to the use of palm trees as a way to soften the concrete jungle. The same goes to the concrete jungle of major cities. Rows of palm trees are more than just sources of food, these trees are best for landscaping purposes as well.

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