Notes to Remember When Using Palms for the Garden

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There is an increasing trend right now of using palms for decorative purposes. If you are a regular driver, surely you have noticed that majority of the public roads are now dotted with some of the best palm trees that stand tall and line up the sidewalks and at night these palm trees glow to complement the lights produced by some buildings. Palm trees are also selected by some urban designers to help design and soften the impact of the concrete jungle so don’t be surprised to see some city blocks that are designed and lined up by these palm trees. But keep in mind that these palm trees are not just best for public spaces; these are also highly recommended for residential properties. Given the right types of palm trees, these can be used to transform the looks of the residential property to make it more appealing. If you are planning to incorporate palms into your residential property, then you can use the following details and information.


Things to keep in mind when planning your garden


If you want to update the looks of your landscaping through the use of palms, make sure that you have a plan to begin with. It may seem like an easy task but designing your landscaping can be a tough job as well since there are a number of things that should be kept in mind. For example, you need to pay attention to the kinds of palms that will be used, the density of the trees, the location of the pathways and work areas. Just before you start the project; it’s also best if you can dig a few holes here and there to check on the quality of soil and to make sure that the area is getting enough drainage. Palms require a good supply of water for it to grow well. If you have noticed that drainage for the area leave much to be desired, then it’s recommended that you work to add a small amount of sand and add leach lines too. If there’s a need for an irrigation system, then this must be installed just before you start the planting of the palms. It is also a good investment if you can come up with a separate nursery for palms so that the selected species of palms will acclimatize to the surroundings.


Other tips to keep in mind when planning and planting palms


You also need to be careful when planting palms. These should be planted in the right locations, making sure that the expected size and height of the trees are anticipated.  Since some species are larger than others, it would be a good design move to partner larger palms with smaller ones. Palms are best for offering shades but there are only selected areas where you can use these kinds of palms. Surely these are not required around your pool. Another style is to group similar species together. Palms can do wonders for landscaping but it must be properly used and planned out.


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