Basics of Dates Palm Every Dates Lover Should Know

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Date palms, with a scientific name Phoenix dactylifera belong to the palm tree family Palmae. These trees can often be found in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Pakistan. Date palms grow higher as it points toward heavens. For centuries these are cultivated in various nations due to a number of benefits, starting off with the dates that are treasured by many cultures and communities. The thing that adds up to its popularity is the fact that these are easy to cultivate- just irrigate these palms well and these will grow productively. For this reason, it would be an advantage to irrigate the place where date palms are cultivated. Irrigation may come from wells, rivers and streams.

History of date palm

In early years, date palms are known to be big sources of energy food. Most Jews are fed by the fruits of date palm. It also serves as a shade for those who are travelling to the deserts. Travelers make use of date palms as their habitats especially when desert winds are looming and unpredictable.  Date palm trees are planted close to an oasis, thus offering travelers with respite from the long hour’s worth of travels.

Pollination of date palm during ancient times

Female flowers of date palm underwent artificial pollination. It was a complicated process for farmers. If the pollination will depend on the wind, half of the tree population needs to be male and the other half should be female. This makes artificial pollination in farming costly. However, as time passes the need for this type of crop has increased. Thus, farmers were forced to do the manual process of pollination for the reproduction of date palm.

Benefits of the many parts of date palm

The date palm’s benefits are comparable to that of a coconut tree. Every part of the date palm has numerous benefits. Products are created from the roots, trunk, leaves, flowers, and fruits. The sap of the date palm is added to fermented and fresh beverages. It is known that extraction method can injure date palm so only those that have little fruits are considered for sap. Leaflets can be used for making baskets. The leaves’ midribs are applicable for making furniture and crates. The fibers of date palm are used for making cordage while its seeds are added to stock feeds. Another important benefit of date palm is its fruits known as the dates. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals needed by the body. These fruits are essential in keeping the body in good condition.

Did you know that date palms are some of the oldest trees

This tree is considered as one of the oldest fruit-bearing trees in the world. Date palm tree can survive in temperature ranging from 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. However, this tree needs significant amount of heat energy in order to complete its productive cycle. Determining if a land is suitable to date palm is one way to ensure its productive cycle completeness. Production may last for a year or more depending on how it is cared. The environment also has vital role in ensuring high agricultural productivity for date palm.

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