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Even though there are a lot of natural foods to choose from most of us only consume a few.  When we go to the supermarket we look at the typical fruits and vegetables and probably buy the same stuff over and over again.  Apples, carrots, oranges, lettuce, tomatos, but there are so many others that are less common, but often available.  Among one of the most popular
foods is dates.  Dates teh fruit, ofte dried dates fruit, not the other date.  Many have never heard of dates.  The benefits of the dates fruit are many.  The fruit called dates grows on date palms.  Date palms are just palms.  Often date palms are called date palm trees, but they are really just palms.  The date palm is more akin to grass than to trees.  The mdjool dates fruit is considered the king of dates and is very sweet and is the largest.  The dates fruit nutrition is very high for potassium and it has a lot of complex carbohydrates.  The date is considered the bread of the desert.  In the middle east people lived on dates for many generations and the dates is mentioned quite a bit in historical records.  To buy dates fruit in the US is a little hard, not all supermarkets carry dates.  There are also many different varieties of dates.  The medjool dates is like a dessert date and is what most people enjoy in the US.  In the middle east there are literally hundreds of dates and the less sweet dates are eaten regularly as food.  Flour is often made from dates in the middle east and consumed as part of the daily diet.  The dates fruit calories count is high, because of the complex carbohydrates, but it has a lot of fiber and is a good alternative to candy bars.  The benefits of the dates fruit is high.  Besides the high potassium content, it has fiber, and qualities that cleanse the intestine and keep the stomach regular.  The dry dates fruit is eaten extensively in the middle east and there is connection between health and the consumption of the date fruit.  There are all types of dates recipes and is gains popularity more are created.  The best dates fruit is considered to be the Medjool Date which at one time was reserved for royalty.  Now it is available to all.  It is not difficult to store dates fruit.  A cool dry place is all that is required.  Refrigeration can keep dates for many months and as long as a year.  In the middle east the dates fruit was stored without refrigeration.  Dried dates fruit are usually not very sweet and are the less sweet varieties.  Dates the fruit come from the Middle East, but California grows the most dates in the United States and the vast majority of dates in the United States come from California.  A few countries other than the middle east grow significant amounts of dtes.  The chinese dates fruit is well known, but it is grown.  The value of dates fruit is determined by the variety.  People buy date fruit on a regular basis in the middle east, but perhaps not so much in the United States.  Dates are often purchased around Christmas in the United States, because that is when the season peaks.
September usually starts the harvest season for dates in California and distribution starts and continues.  Dates the fruit are freshly picked around September and continue for several months.  Dates are best when fresh, though some can get sweeter with time.

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